Licensing & pricing

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This article contains the Annata 365 pricing and licensing model that is designed around the ISV Cloud Embed model from Microsoft. This model is based on ERP (Estimated Retail Price) with partner discounts instead of cost prices. As the cloud embed model is a new model and regularly being updated and improved by Microsoft, Annata will update the pricing and licensing model accordingly. All changes to the licensing and pricing model will be announced to the partner network and relevant documents updated in our partner portal. ​


Annata reserves the right to amend, update or change pricing and ordering at its sole discretion at any time by giving notice through


Pricing information and FAQ

This is a FAQ document and we recommend you go through it all. We will be updating this document and adding to it as we go, based on questions we might receive from you.

Price Sheet

This excel sheet contains all the SKUs pricing for supported currencies.

Discount Schedules

This document contains an overview of Annata partner discounts.


These documents contain additional requirements and guidelines for partners who wish to order Annata Licensed Software and Services from Annata.